Learn Front-end Web Development with HTML & CSS - Beginner Level

Beginner Front-end Web Development

13 students

Do you want to learn how to build professional-looking websites from scratch?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by all the knowledge and tools you need to learn or master in order to become a Web Developer?

Are you afraid of paying money to trainers who do not know their stuff or who still use an outdated curriculum to teach?

Do you need a private trainer or need to join a class nearby? Like to learn in a group or with an expert guide?

This Front-end Web Development Training is designed by a seasoned web developer who also actively builds websites for a living.

We have garnered a wealth of experience having worked with mid- to high-profile clients in deploying various digital tools and solutions for business. Our exposure has allows us to follow and stay up-to-date with industry best practices and this helps us craft learning resources that help students focus on learning recommend and approved and modern tech, rather than outdated tech and tools.

We want to help you learn the right things the right way.

If you’re still sceptical, read what clients had to say after taking the course had to say. We hope that makes you feel better.

Your level of confidence will grow remarkably at the end of this course as you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools that allow you to start thinking creatively and building digital solutions that solve real-world problems, whether for fun or for profit.

Front-end Web Development Training course content

Over the course of the web development training, you’ll learn some languages and skills which include:

  • An understanding of how the web works
  • How to set up free and paid-hosting of your website files
  • HTML: add structure and content to web pages
  • CSS: bring beauty and presentation prowess to your pages
  • JavaScript: add interactivity and ability to listen to make your web pages further come alive
  • JS Frameworks: Write less JavaScript code and get  more work done quickly
  • Content Management Systems and WordPress
  • Responsive Web Designing (RWD) concepts
  • RWD Framework: Bootstrapping your website with Bootstrap
  • Mobile-first Web Development
  • File Transfer using FTP Clients
  • Bonus: Version Control with Git

What you’ll learn

  • Craft semantic web pages and build professional-grade websites from scratch.
  • Build HTML-based web apps that render efficiently on mobile phones.
  • Get a job as a front-end junior web developer.
  • Become a freelance web developer and earn money working from home while bidding for projects on freelance websites.
  • Become proficient with working on a web browser beyond just surfing the web.

Value-added benefits include

  • No coders block. Empathic handholding throughout the learning process.
  • Feel free to ask any weird questions. Develop friendship, boldness and unintimidated access to your instructor.
  • Your instructor is always present to address your concerns and answer your questions the moment they arise.
  • Standby backup generator in event of power failure from the grid. No learning interruptions!
  • Regular homework and classwork to test and measure your learning progress.
  • Make friends working in groups if joining a class.
  • You can make payments in no more than two instalments.
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

You should take this course if you want to?

  • Learn how to code websites from scratch.
  • Start your own business and earn money freelancing.
  • Bid for projects online and earn money on the side.
  • Become financially independent.


  • Your enthusiasm, humility, self-discipline and time availability.
  • Your own personal computer with an internet connection.
  • Knowledge of Computer Basics and a little of Microsoft Office Tools, especially Microsoft Word or it’s equivalent.
  • You are not to provide any software. We will provide all course software during the training.

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