Benefits of training with us?

  • Modern & Improved Curriculum

  • Out with the old fodder and in with the new. We have developed a well-structured curriculum to enable you have an indepth understanding of the modern technologies and languages that power today’s websites. We’ll also guide you in the knowledge and proper application of new techniques and standard practices that will help you stand out from the homogenous crowd.

  • Skilled Tutors

  • You will be taught by seasoned IT educators who are also active web designers/developers and who have the special ability to teach and impart knowledge

  • Affordable Pricing

  • You will get a 16% discount if you’re one of the first 10 registrants to signup for every next training batch.

  • Real-Time Coding in a Visual & Interactive Learning Environment

  • We don’t just copy not-tested code from text books and manuals like most amateur training outfits do without properly understanding how the code behaves: we write code in-class so that you can follow the coding and debugging process in real-time. A projector will duplicate your instructor’s laptop screen right before you so that your whole learning receptors are engaged. At the end of the class, you can download the source code for the lesson via a link your instructor will provide.

  • Intensive Training

  • Our trainings sessions hold on Monday and on every other weekday in a learning intensive and fun interactive environment. You can express yourself freely, ask your cocky questions, poll knowledge and resources from tutors and fellow trainees alike. We’re more than just a web technology training academy; we’re a learning lifestyle.

  • Constant Power Supply

  • Unlike most web training outfits where trainings do not hold or are interrupted due to power failure, we provide a standby generator to ensure that the learning process is uninterrupted and on schedule.

  • Web Designer-Developer Certification

  • You can optionally, register with us to take a certification examination in web design and development. We affiliate with Microsoft and Prometric to deliver world standard certification examinations in web design and development so that you can become certified, gain credibility and boost your confidence.

Courses we offer

We offer the following courses:

Foundational Courses
HTML 5 Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language used to define the structure of a web page and its content.
CSS 3 Cascading Style Sheets is the language used to define how content on a web page will be displayed on a web browser.
JavaScript The preferred and default programming language of the web. JavaScript handles the behaviour and interactivity of web pages using such features as transitions, real-time validation, and on-the-fly modification of contents of a web page.
jQuery The most popular and extendable JavaScript framework out there. jQuery does all the heavy-lifting allowing you to write less code and focus on getting tasks done rather than reconciling tacky browser implementations of JavaScript.
Advanced Courses
PHP Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) is the most popular open source server-side programming language used to create such websites as Facebook and CNN.
MySQL Most popular Open Source relational database management utility for administering and managing databases.
SASS & LESS These are CSS pre-processor scripting languages that enables you to program CSS and achieve more in less time.
JSON JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a format for transmitting data objects in form of plain text between a web server and a web application.
Web Optimization Courses
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) It’s not enough to simply publish content on a website. Without implementing SEO, such content will be lost in the inundating jungle of the interwebs.
In this course we’ll introduce you to the Internet Marketing Strategy that ensures that web pages you create are reasonably ranked in the organic Search Results Pages (SRPs)
Page Speed Optimization A website must load up quickly in web browser in order to sustain the user’s attention. Slow loading websites are a pain!
This course helps you learn how to speed up a website with PageSpeed Optimization products developled by Google Inc. by implementing the web performance best practices.
Other Courses
Mobile First With over 1.2 Billion mobile web users world wide, why should you still build websites targeted at desktops alone? We introduce
Responsive Design This concept aims to selectively force a website to morph or change its appearance or layout according to the device being used to access the website. You’ll learn how this is acheived in this course.
Information Architecture In this course, you will learn the art and science of how to layout and structure content, and navigation on a website to enhance usability and findability
Usability A website should not just look good and function well, it has to be user-friendly, meaning that it has to take into consideration the processes that will give the user the utmost enjoyment, ease of use and experience. The ability to achieve this in a design process is what this course is all about.
Accessibilty When you build a website, it should take into consideration that people with disablities will be using the website. This course on Accessibility intimates on what best practices to deploy in ensuring your website reaches the maximum audience possible.