We truly care about the fact that there is an over-abundance in the demand for ICT skills in Web Design & Development and a co-existing shortage in the quality and number of skilled knowledge workers or trainers in the field to deliver this knowledge.

The Prevalent Problem

We have observed that most businesses or individuals who teach Web Design & Development have in most cases never built a website and have not figured a way to get out of the endless loop of reusing the same curricula year after year. Also, most competent web design & development studios out there do not have the time, skill or patience to teach newbies.

This situation has led to a number of scenarios that prevent would-be students of web technologies from get on the groovy train. The prevalent scenarios are:

  • Limited or non-availability of skilled and/or committed professionals to teach the skill.
  • Uncertainty of career prospects that lie ahead should students choose to become web designer/developers.
  • Indecision or lack of personal motivation on the part of the students as a result of the above two.

The Proffered Solution

FhilSystems Academy brings the solution to these problems.

We do not only teach how to build websites, we actively build and maintain websites for a list of happy clients. We are in touch with the most modern practices and instantly incorporate them in our daily workflow, and what’s more, we just can’t help updating our curriculum to give our students world class standards-compliant working knowledge, to reflect our brand, and to stay ahead of competition.

  • We use highly-skilled staff who are actively involved in our web design team and who have the stuff for knowledge impartation to deliver our training curriculum to students.
  • We do not just teach and let the student wonder how this knowledge is going to help them. Because we are in the web design & development industry, we give career advice to help steer our students to make the right career decisions with the skills they have acquired.
  • We organize our trainings in highly interactive environments that ensure that the students always stays motivated by what they hear, see, and do.